Welcome to Alenbi Kitchen

Situated in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, Alenbi serves the food of modern day Israel.Our menu is influenced by the rich cultures of Jewish kitchens, from across the Middle-East and Europe. The passion in our cooking has been nurtured in this cultural mix, and we’ve given it a contemporary modern approach.
At the front of the restaurant is our six seat chef bar which overlooks our open kitchen, giving those guests a unique view of the hustle & bustle of the kitchen.
Our intimate dining room features our custom designed and made in Israel furniture with a great view into our open kitchen.

In recent years Israeli food has emerged as one of the most intriguing cuisines in the culinary world. Israeli food draws it's inspiration from a variety of cultures and ethnic groups who live together in Israel. The most recognized and integral food culture in Israel is North African cuisine, which is the main focus at Alenbi.
Every dish has a story, from a long tradition and passed from generation to generation.
Chef Elior takes these classic traditional dishes and reimagines them for the modern day Israel. The mission at Alenbi is to give our guests a unique take on Israeli cuisine, along with great ambiance and music.


The Team

Executive Chef:
Our team is lead by Chef Elior Balbul, Chef Elior is a veteran Israeli chef who began his career in the kitchen of Frida Kalo in Tel Aviv. From there he worked his way to the acclaimed Mizlala and Catit Restaurants under the tutelage of Chef Meir Adoni. When Chef Meir Adoni opened his first Kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv, Blue Sky, Chef Elior was tapped to be the Executive Chef. Chef Elior's passion for cooking shines in Israeli Cuisine and when the opportunity came to open the first Kosher Modern Israeli restaurant in New York, he did not hesitate and moved here with his family, filled with enthusiasm and ready for the next chapter in his culinary career.


The Location

Originally Crow Hill, Crown Heights, Brooklyn is home to diverse, multi cultural communities, historic landmarks, and international religious movements. 

Alenbi, located in the center of this historic neighborhood is blocks away from the former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and The Brooklyn Museum. 



M O D E R N   I S R A E L I   C U I S I N E